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Our company was founded in 2004, Originally we were based in cellphone repair only.
Shortly after, the wireless communication market surged & so we moved along with it, becoming exclusive with wireless communications, offering pagers & handheld cellular phones.
After a few years of dedicated work we moved to Giyani town where our main branch is located .

We have always been a friends & family company. Our employees pride themselves on giving our customers their absolute best. Most of our business grew by word of mouth, people who brag of the great experience they've had with us. If you have purchased a product from us & if you have a problem or question with it; you're going to get the best help or answer possible. We strongly believe it's not just a matter of beating someone's price but a matter of offering a better product & a better service

While we keep adding new phones, plans & electronic items. Such as, Walky-Talkies, CB Radios, GPS, Comcast cable Internet, & Marine products. We are still the same company. The best place we think you will find to purchase these products.

Buy from the Best!
HT Communications